Business Model

Applied business model – activity areas

Our Company was established in 1997 as a family enterprise in sole Hungarian ownership. At the beginning we used to lease a site in Budapest at the reinforced concrete plant in Budafoki út. In 2010 we started building our own plant and office building in Monor as our own investment.


Our reinforced concrete products are always individually designed preceding the actual manufacturing with maximum attention paid to the specific conditions of the installation. In this way, our production capacity is not manufacturing for warehouse stock but for immediate sale.


  • Our core products are the ROCLA large-diameter reinforced concrete tubes made by a spinning and rolling technology and used as the main building elements for the sewerage network in Hungary.
  • Shafts made from ROCLA tubes.
  • Reinforced concrete tubes and shafts made with a glass fiber reinforced polyester lining – POLIBET tube.
  • Other products made of precast reinforced concrete elements:
    • reinforced concrete shafts made of segments with a 4.64 m diameter,
    • water reservoirs,
    • oil separators,
    • grease traps.
  • Telecommunication transmission towers
  • Arched reinforced concrete elements for hall roofing
  • Water towers

Construction and Installation Services

Our activities in the area of sewerage and waste water treatment consist primarily of the building of the corresponding objects using our own prefabricated products.

Research+Development and Innovation

The main focus is on innovation and on continuous product development. With the implementation of new processes and technologies economies of scale may play an important role in our products with a high added value.