Developed by our R&D and protected by a patent, it merges the good properties of both the reinforced concrete and the fibreglass-reinforced polyester pipes. The essence of the new technology is that a 3 to 5 mm thick polyester lining is formed on the inner surface of the traditional ROCLA pipe. The static properties of the ROCLA pipes with a fibreglass reinforced polyester lining equal those of the traditional ROCLA tubes, while at the same time their hydraulic properties, wear and corrosion resistance show those of fibreglass reinforced polyester pipes, but at a significantly lower price.

Areas of application

Construction of waste water pump shafts with POLIBET technology.

  • Conditions for the formation of biogenic sulfuric acid exist.
  • Reinforced concrete shafts can rapidly be damaged.

With the use of the Polibet technology renovation of old pump and cleaning shafts are also made possible.