ROCLA technology is exclusively used by AGM in Hungary. This unique technology offers an exceptionally high quality by combining rolling and spinning processes. Pipes produced by this technology represent a significantly higher quality than all those made by formwork both in terms of size accuracy and the quality of reinforced concrete. The lifespan of these pipes and that of lines constructed with them is at least 100 years.

A combination of rolling and spinning processes After rolling, the inner surface of the pipe is smooth, wear resistant, no further processing is needed
Guaraanteed concrete quality min. C 50/60 XA3XV3(H)
Solidification by steam Pipes are ready to use on the second day after manufacturing
Flexible size assortment Pipes of different diameters can be continuously, successively manufactured
Flexible statics The wall thickness of pipes is variable
Flexible reinforcement solutions Reinforcement is adapted to different load conditions
Rubber ring connection Pipe joints and seal rings are made with the most up-to-date designing principles
Joints Guaranteed watertightness, no accidental mistakes