AGM Beton Zrt

address: 2200 Monor, külterület,
Hrsz.: 0100/8
tel: +36-29-610-460
e-mail: [email protected]

Gábor Szilágyi

The firm base of our company is the expertise and decades of professional experience represented above all by the founder of our company. Gábor Szilágyi graduated as a Mechanical Engineer at the Budapest University of Technology’s Faculty of Flow Technology, later on obtaining a special degree in water supply and sewerage. He spent 30 years at the Budapest Waterworks, first as the manager for the water acquisition in the northern part of the capital, then as the director of the Rocla pipe factory.

The main focus of the activities of the plants and companies under his supervision has always been the manufacturing of reinforced concrete products for the fields of water supply and sewerage, building structures from these elements and developing construction technologies. Several patented products and processes clearly prove that his undertakings are characterized by creativity and innovation.

His name is associated with several researches and patents: the AQUA-SEAL technology for building water reservoirs, the development of the elements for continuous jacking/microtunneling, the Polibet technology for reinforced concrete products against corrosion, the development of a gallery type water acquisition with a built filter layer, the exclusion of iron and manganese in shore-filtered water acquisition and the development of AGM-type water towers. He founded AGM Concrete Ltd. In 1997 and has been its CEO and professional manager since then.

Kinga Szilágyi
sales and controlling manager

She graduated as an economist at the Financial Faculty of Corvinus University of Economics in Budapest. Until 2006 she worked as a senior market expert for government securities at the Hungarian State Treasury. Since 2006 she has initially taken over AGM’s financial affairs. Thanks to her the reshaping of the accounting and bookkeeping, the establishment of the financial administration, all in one system has been implemented. From 2010 on, already in Monor, she has got more and more involved in commercial tasks specially in calculating prices and handling offers based on analysing cost-benefit ratios as well as market processes.

The follow-up of orders has made her gain a quick insight into our production processes making production scheduling and creating production programmes also her daily tasks by now.

Krisztina Szilágyi
financial and HR manager

She graduated as a Business Administrator at the College of Foreign Trade then as an economist at the Faculty of International Relations at Corvinus University of Economics and later got a diploma as a security policy expert also at Corvinus. Until 2008 as a clear consequence of her studies she taught the history of diplomacy at the university while also taking part in the development and implementation of cultural tasks related to Hungary’s accession to the European Union with her own foundation dealing with cultural diplomacy.

She joined AGM in 2008. Her responsibilities included communication and marketing, partner management and the procurement of raw materials With AGM’s increasing entrepreneurial activities these were later on extended by the coordination of field works, HR, R&D tenders and the company’s financial management.

József Ablonczy
production manager

During the 25 years of AGM Concrete Ltd. our name has been associated with the production of high-quality reinforced concrete pipes manufactured with
ROCLA technology.

Since moving into our own factory in 2010 the appearance of our reinforced concrete products requiring a unique design, production and implementation technology has continuously been on the increase. Besides our own factory what made this possible was that József Ablonczy – entrusted from the very beginning with the complex management of production – has always been a well-prepared partner and an initiator in developing new solutions. He joined AGM at its foundation in 1997.

He graduated as a mechanical engineer at the Mechanical Engineering and Automation College (GAMF) in 1996. In 1997 – as a young engineer – he was
an ideal partner in starting up production. The design and the implementation of the production technology for new products, putting the entire machine park
in operation and its development later, the continuous maintenance of production safety, finding and implementing new and better solutions are all proofs of his activity

Gábor Tóth
preparatory engineer

For many years there was no need for a separate position for back office tasks. With our growth though, mainly IT related matters, administration support, the complete administration, matters of insurance and banking, tasks relating to site security, organizing them into one system, etc. required a full-time independent position.

Gábor Tóth joined AGM in 2018. He graduated as an economist at the Foreign Trade Faculty of the then called Karl Marx University of Economics. In recent decades he worked in different positions for several multinational IT companies like Oracle, SAP, HP. Since he speaks English, Spanish and Russian he is responsible – on top of the full back-office management – for coordinating our participation on conferences abroad and he is also our foreign partner relationship manager.

Getting professional acknowledgement for new products and technologies, the compilation, coordination of tender documentations, their full administration and accounting for EU and domestic tenders are also part of his responsibilities. His precision and accuracy are crucial in these areas.